Holding to Hope for Mental Health: There is Hope!

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Loving someone and caring for someone who has a mental health diagnosis can be very challenging and taxing.  In this edition of Holding to Hope for Mental Health Pastor Brad interviews Pastor Dale and Martha Rose, from Bakersfield, CA.  There story of perseverance through the good and bad times of their adult Son’s struggle with mental illness will give you hope.  Again and again Roses recount how the hope in Christ empowered them to persevere as they cared for their adult Son on his mental health journey. This episode will give you HOPE!

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Disconnect from Your Past Before You Move Forward!

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Being able to leave your past behind you is key to being able to move forward in recovery.  In this edition of Fresh Hope for Mental Health Brad shares a humorous experience which illustrates the importance of disconnecting with your past so that you might move forward into the present and future without dragging your past behind you.

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